At LaytonCorp, we are 100% Australian owned and operated with a network of global designers, across multiple product categories. With over 25+ years of experience in supply chain management, we create industry leading quality and function in product design, with a focus on wholesale & retail product development.

Our specialist procurement team continues to work with certified Australian made manufacturers and offshore supply chain partners to provide quality goods on a large-scale commercial, government, and retail level. We focus on end to end processes from encouraging the use of recycled materials where possible, sustainable material supply, the circular economy, ethical sourcing and social compliance with our supply partners. 

We provide our customers with a straightforward one-stop procurement and access to our augmented reality program which enables our clients to make an informed decision without having to physically touch the products.

LaytonCorp is an accredited AFA member with third party affiliations with Global Green tag, Project360 and many others. We look forward to working with you.